What is Life Coaching through Meditative Exchange Journal?

We all have a "past" but we also have a future.  Part of my professional life as Licensed Mental Health Counsleor forcuses on helping people have a trusting, private relationship to heal past or current trauma.

LIfe Coaching focuses on the future.  Mediative Exhange Journaling is not first how to meet goals that you may set.  The primary focus in on bringing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, generoisty, fgentleness and self-contol into our life.  (Galations 5:22)

Your goals seeting in Mediative Exchange Journaling may be ways to increase your business, begin to write or complete a book, or any individual goal that you may think of.  As you practice Mdeiative Exchange Journaling with the goals listen in Galatians you will find yourself shephered through the process, rather than feeling like a failure each week with with unmet or undefined goals.  Mediative Journaling Exchange is about gentle growth and learning about yourself and others.

I will receive your Mediative Exchange Journal each week though secure e-mail, and will send you back a Reflective Journal Exchange each week.  In addition, we will Skype for a 30 minute session each week to help with reflection and to add fullfillment to your life as you move toward and create the goals that enchance your life, your loved ones and or clients.
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